As an artist I strive for creation of connections between visible matter and emotional values that are represented in human feelings.
I convert this in spatial artworks and abstract, figurative or kinetic sculptures.
My range of applied materials contains wood, stone, metal and plastics, but I also pick up materials alongside the roads spontaneously. In addition I use analogue techniques and electronics. Maintaining activities in different disciplines like industrial design, interior design, product design, drawing, architecture and music I collect special inspiration for my sculptural artwork.

I consider motion as the indispensable basis for my designs. Even my still sculptures, figurative and abstract, are based on motion. In my figurative artwork I research relationship between expression of the human body and underlaying emotions. In my abstract artwork I research how motion can be expressed by different materials while it refers to emotional experiences of my spectators and myself.

Extensive material research provides me with information about elements that are available for my compositions. As a result interactions between knowledge and fantasy push me forward to new design. Based on the principle of intuitive recognition I strive to optimize expression in my artwork; I create abstract body language.