20 May 2022 the 6th edition of # TE KIJK GEZET will start
in Koningsstraat no.6 , Amsterdam.
Winfried shows his kinetic artwork

Starting on 20 June 2022 two big sculptures by Winfried will be shown in Germany, in Skulpurengarten Gerolstein. Diana Van Nysa, kinetic work, and architectonic structure Tire Sec Bel Air will be integrated in this wonderful Vulkan Eifel area nearby Gerolstein during the entire summer.

From 24 September till & 2 october 2022 Winfried will show 3 of his abstract works in wood, metal and stone at the exhibition Beeld Buiten: Kunst uit het kerkje at Escharen bij Grave, Heesakkerweg 1.
Recently he finished a new work titeled
TIRE SEC DON QUICHOT. Itís a new spatial developement of his design concept TIRE SEC.